"Get the right multi-channel strategy"

Multi-channel management offers companies a multitude of opportunities to bring their products to the customer. However, setting up and maintanance of the product listings can be a very complex and time-consuming process.

Developing the right e-commerce strategy and defining important milestones is a crucial factor here in order to avoid future “uncontrolled growth” and negative side effects in e-commerce.

A well-coordinated mix of the various online platforms and e-tailers as well as online media and communities improves the visibility of your product range and promotes solid growth. With the help of systematic search engine optimization and combined search engine marketing with performance focus, sales success can be further increased.

Experience has shown that operating your own webshop for your products, including accessories and spare parts, helps to increase customer contacts and customer satisfaction. RIEBERG supports you with the implementation or can manage the entire process.


„Take the chance for new markets“

RIEBERG provides market entrants as well as established companies with support in establishing new business fields and developing a specific growth strategy. We cover all sales and marketing topics with an additional focus on e-commerce. RIEBERG cooperates with the major online portals of the German retail chains and enables you to bring your product range into the focus of customers Germany-wide, thereby increasing brand awareness and reputation in addition to sales.

We’ll establish a connection between you and the key decision-makers in distribution and retail and create a brand presence in German retail – in-store and online – as well as in the channel media. Even after the development of a sustainable sales strategy for your products and individual target groups, we will continue to support you and keep you up to date with changing market requirements.


"Grow Brands & increase visability"

A major step towards a trustworthy brand is a professional corporate image for the company and its products. RIEBERG cares for brand creation and development. We support you with the brand launch and jointly develop the appropriate marketing and PR strategy for expanding your market share and establishing your brand on the market.

Due to our strong network of retail partners, channel media and marketing specialists, we utilize synergies and are always able to offer the right solution for you.

Today, growth only takes place through displacement, so no matter what you do, the key is to catch the eye. For more comprehensive marketing services, go to RIEBERG Aviation & Media Services GmbH.